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Welcome to Satoshi Vibes, the "Satoshi Nakamoto" quote wiki. If you've made it here, you must be in the middle of your Bitcoin journey. As you go down deeper the infinite rabbit hole 🐇🕳, you will be curious to read up on what Satoshi was saying on cypherpunk forums back in the years of 2008, 2009, and 2010 before he disappeared forever. It's nice to get a taste of how it all started and learn about the impetus for the ideas that culminated in creation of Bitcoin aka hardest money in the world. On the home page you will find 24 quote categories to choose from. Each category is sorted by published date in descending order (for now). Let this be a quick reference for Satoshi's quotes you can pull up on your mobile/tablet/desktop as you orange pill your family and friends.

Pleb Movement

Pleb is a state of mind. Plebs come from all walks of life and form socioeconomic immune system that defends freedom and Bitcoin from all attacks. Don't trust verify! Stay humble and stack sats! HODLujah 🙏


If you are a dev and want to add more pages, Bitcoin resources or learning materials, improve the NextJS layout or react components, or just spice things up and make this site a lot cooler for all the plebs - you are very welcome to put up a PR 🚀. Or contact me on telegram @Lukeonchain

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